18 Non-Traditional Healthcare Businesses

Check out this article on the benefits of starting a healthcare business and 18 medical business ideas that you may not have considered.

18 medical business ideas

  1. Medical transcription services
  2. Medical records management
  3. Physical/occupational therapy center
  4. Develop a health care app
  5. Diabetic care center
  6. Home health care service
  7. Medical foot care
  8. Drug treatment/rehabilitation center
  9. Childbirth services
  10. Medical billing service
  11. Nutritionist/dietitian
  12. Alternative health care
  13. Health information website
  14. Medical supply sales
  15. Stylish uniforms for medical professionals
  16. Hearing aid dispensary
  17. Respite care service for caregivers
  18. Medical marijuana dispensary

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