Why this course?

Every healthcare provider doesn’t need a lawyer, but all healthcare providers need to understand the legal aspects of healthcare that impede and impact health outcomes, healthcare costs, and lead to increased litigation.

I created this course for all healthcare providers who may work in any type of healthcare setting. Each module is full of vital information that healthcare providers need to protect and preserve their license, livelihood, and decrease liability.

Most healthcare providers have entered into healthcare knowing that they may be sued or reported to the board, but few know what to do to mitigate those risks, decrease their liability, and avoid being sued.

I am here to share with you what I have learned after 13 years of working in healthcare and 7 years of being a health law attorney. When you finish this course you will know how to mitigate risks, decrease potential liability, and create closure to minimize your liability. You will walk away with tools, action items, and a plan to protect what you have worked so hard for.

Course Content

  • Module I: Named in Litigation Now What
  • Module II: Mitigating Medical Liability and Decreasing the Risk of Being Sued
  • Module III: Creating Closure and Admitting Fault to Reduce Liability Costs

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Come Learn What Most Attorneys Are Not Going to Tell You

  • An inside look of medical malpractice from both sides
  • Evidence-based tactics that can be implemented to avoid being sued
  • How to create closure even if admitting fault
  • What questions to ask your insurer to avoid being railroaded
  • A comprehensive plan of action if you are named in a lawsuit or reported to the board